Top 5 +SocialGood Moments of 2017

  1. World Government Summit
Photo by Connector Hazem Khaled
Piers Bradford speaks at the first-ever Families +SocialGood in London on June 15, 2017
  • The Social Good Ghana chapter has Crowbrought together over 5,000 innovators to discuss solutions to challenges in Ghana’s community. Social Good Ghana inspires discussion and action around the SDGs. One such solution is Crowdfrica, a platform that connects public health workers and their patients, as well as public teachers and their students in high-need communities across Africa with donors around the world who have the desire to connect and help.
  • Habitat +SocialGood host Impaqto announced a new partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank to support Ecuadorian entrepreneurs who are working towards urban solutions. The 3-year collaboration was inspired by the +SocialGood event held last year in Quito, alongside UN Habitat’s Habitat III conference. The chosen solutions will be based on the United Nations’ “New Urban Agenda.”



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