Top 5 +SocialGood Moments of 2017

4 min readDec 5, 2017


As 2017 comes to a close, take a look back at the top moments in the +SocialGood community!

  1. World Government Summit

+SocialGood Connectors and Advisors from 11 countries (Egypt, USA, UK, Malaysia, Ghana, India, Canada, Uganda, Ecuador, Nigeria and Sweden) joined the World Government Summit in Dubai to explore how innovation and social entrepreneurship can improve governments worldwide. From new media to innovation to positive education, +SocialGood coverage looked at how government can support a happier, healthier, more prosperous, and safer world. The Connectors and Advisors share their top take-aways here.

Photo by Connector Hazem Khaled

2. Families +SocialGood

For the first time ever, the annual Moms +SocialGood event in New York was followed by Families +SocialGood in London, widening the conversation to new topics and geographies.

As one attendee stated after the inspiring program, Families +SocialGood expanded our awareness of the work being done to empower families worldwide. The diverse set of speakers reminded us of the many challenges facing families worldwide and how each of us can work to break down these barriers by the year 2030. Among the solutions discussed were BabyCenter’s mHealth programs that connect moms with resources and data, WFP’s use of apps, drones, and social media to fight hunger, and Project Everyone’s work with the entertainment industry to support the Global Goals. Watch the full program here.

Piers Bradford speaks at the first-ever Families +SocialGood in London on June 15, 2017

3. World Health +SocialGood

This three-day digital event connected people around the world to the vital conversation happening in at the annual World Health Assembly. Through live broadcasts, World Health +SocialGood brought leading WHO and health experts together to discuss the major themes of the summit. Experts discussed ways to widen access to marginalized populations, to address neglected diseases, and to ensure that everyone gains their right to healthcare.

Parts of the discussion focused on dire facts — like how every 3 seconds, there is a new diagnosis of dementia — while others looked ahead at positive signs: for example, 80% of countries have plans to deal with antimicrobial resistance. The World Health +SocialGood program was viewed over 111,000 times — bringing people from nearly every corner of the earth into the vital global health discussion in Geneva. Watch days 1, 2, and 3.

4. United Nations General Assembly

Every year, +SocialGood works with the Social Good Summit partners and UN agencies to host a global series of events during the United Nations General Assembly. This year’s Social Good Summit meetups explored how innovation and technology can support the Sustainable Development Goals. These more than 100 meetups in countries spanning from Afghanistan to China to work to weave these global conversations together and results in 24/7 coverage of the events.

In addition to these meetups, +SocialGood Connector Hazami Barmada hosted the first ever Global People’s Summit — a completely virtual global event during the UN General Assembly to bring UNGA week issues directly to innovators around the world. As a global digital community, the movement brought together 26 Global People’s Hubs, 59 speakers, and 109 partner organizations to discuss solutions for the biggest issues facing our world. Check out the highlights here.

5. Global Community Action

During and in between these global event, the +SocialGood community has been stepping up, taking action, and changing the world.

For example, here are two exciting communities making a difference:

  • The Social Good Ghana chapter has Crowbrought together over 5,000 innovators to discuss solutions to challenges in Ghana’s community. Social Good Ghana inspires discussion and action around the SDGs. One such solution is Crowdfrica, a platform that connects public health workers and their patients, as well as public teachers and their students in high-need communities across Africa with donors around the world who have the desire to connect and help.
  • Habitat +SocialGood host Impaqto announced a new partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank to support Ecuadorian entrepreneurs who are working towards urban solutions. The 3-year collaboration was inspired by the +SocialGood event held last year in Quito, alongside UN Habitat’s Habitat III conference. The chosen solutions will be based on the United Nations’ “New Urban Agenda.”

You can join us to make a difference in 2018! Pledge to give your hours to an organization working towards the Global Goals here.




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