How Technology is Enabling Sustainable Living — From Farms to Cities

  • FAO helped implement a holistic agricultural approach at the Vegetable and Flowers Farmers Cooperatives in the Rulindo district of Rwanda, increasing income while supporting sustainability.
  • UNDP used data monitoring and satellite imaging to create a vegetation map in Azerbaijan. This information was used to help protect and restore the local farmlands.
  • SunCulture uses affordable sun-powered irrigation systems to empower Kenyan farmers to take charge of their crops even during droughts.
  • WeCyclers offers a rewards-for-recycling program, picked up by a fleet of locally assembled cargo bikes, that empowers low-income communities to capture value from recycled waste.
  • x-runner works to bring reliable, safe, and sustainable sanitation to low-income urban households through the delivery of hygienic in-home portable dry toilets.
  • In Bilboa, Spain, a major urban regeneration project will turn a former industrial and contaminated peninsula into a carbon-neutral island.



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